Betrayer – Review

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$4.99 (Steam)

ESRB Rating: Not Officially Rated – Suggest T (Teen) rating (Violence, Horror Theme)
Developer: Blackpowder Games
Publisher: Blackpowder Games
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Genres: First Person, Action Adventure, Horror

Platforms: Microsoft Windows


The year is 1604. You sailed from England expecting to join a struggling colony on the coast of Virginia. Instead, you find only ghosts and mysteries. What catastrophe blighted the land and drained it of color and life?

* Sound/hearing is IMPORTANT!
* Decent assortment of period-style weapons
* Interesting (and decently creepy) story line
* Tough, but manageable, enemies
* Multiple side-quests
* Talented Storytelling
* Fast travel feature

* Sound/hearing is IMPORTANT! (Yes – this is BOTH a Pro and a Con)
* Very limited re-play-ability
* Towards the end of the game it begins to feel extremely repetitive
* Buildings inaccessible
* Some gamers may find the visuals difficult to use for long periods of game play
* If you are not a patient gamer – and you don’t have the ability to actually READ text while in a video game – then this is NOT the game for you.

Game play features:
– Large, open environments. Choose your own path in search of clues and treasures.
– Two distinct worlds (switchable) featuring different enemies, obstacles, and threats.
– Use early 17th century weaponry (muskets, bows, crossbows, and tomahawks).
– Upgrade your arsenal by purchasing/finding faster, deadlier, longer-ranged weapons.
– Choose your own fighting style (High Stealth, Brute Force, Somewhere in-between).
– An interesting movement-based stealth system lets you hide in plain sight or use the wind to mask your footsteps.
– Equip ability-enhancing Charms to augment your play style – granting anything from extra health to faster movement to improved stealth.
– Play with the default visual style for maximum creepiness and tension – or customize the color and contrast settings to suit your tastes.

7 Days to Die – Review

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Our Rating:
Console: 8/10
PC: 7/10

$9 – $29 (depending on platform and point of purchase)

ESRB Rating: Rated “M” (Mature 17+ – Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Violence)

Developer: The Fun Pimps
Publisher: Telltale Publishing (Console)/The Fun Pimps (PC/Mac/Linux)
Official Website:

Genres: Survival Horror

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux


Originally released through “Early Access” on Steam for Windows/MacOS X on December 13, 2013. Linux release came on November 22, 2014. Versions for the PlayStation 4/Xbox One were released in 2016 through Telltale Publishing.

Set in a post-nuclear Third World War that destroyed an extremely large part of the world except for some areas such as the fictional county of Navezgane, Arizona. You are a survivor of the war and must survive by finding shelter, food and water, as well as scavenging supplies to fend off the numerous zombies (most likely caused as a result of the war).

Currently – your only goal is to SURVIVE. There IS developer chatter about adding a storyline – but it is still just that – chatter.

* Both Single and Multiplayer options
* Defined World – Navezgane (with maps available from their Wiki)
* Random World Generation (for further playability)
* Fairly well developed crafting/upgrade system
* RPG-esque – Increase your skills (Active and Passive skills).
* Kill Zombies! (Multiple kinds of zobies, even!)
* Create your own character or pick a preset
* Customize your character – in-game – with a large selection of clothing/armor (craftable/lootable)
* Farm OR Hunt -Plat/grow resources – as well as hunting wild animals

* Even after this long – this game is STILL in “Alpha release”
* NOT a large development team (and now they are looking for community development contributors)
* PC (Windows): This version of the game is still HIGHLY glitchy
* Console (XBox): This version is glitchy as well – but not AS glitchy as the PC Version
* Learning curve is LONG (many recipes to learn/find/etc.)

Gameplay features:
– Freedom to play the game any way you want with multiple biomes.
– Craft/repair weapons, clothes, armor, tools, vehicles, and more…
– Either take over existing structures or construct structures from scratch
– Either Coop or PvP (in multiplayer)
– Physics/Mechanics – Buildings/terrain can collapse under their own weight from structural damage or poor design.
– Scavenging – search the world for the guns, melee weapons, tools, armor, clothing, and more.
– Dynamic treasure maps (left by survivors)
– Find “quest notes” – complete them for rewards and skill points.
– Meet Trader NPCs to buy and sell goods.

I suggest playing the default map first (Navezgane) – and I actually recommend playing it several times. BEWARE THE BLOOD MOON!!! Zombies ABOUND during Blood Moon! Even though it is decidedly glitchy – it is STILL a fun game to play (single or multiplayer) with more-than-decent “replayability”.

Additional Note: Random Generation Maps are MUCH more glitchy than the default map.

State of Decay 2 – Review

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Our Rating:

Standard Edition: $30 or Free with Xbox GamePass
Ultimate Edition: $60

Rating: Rated “M” (Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Strong Language.)

Very solid survival feel with the potential to be great
Graphics for this game are fantastic
Price is affordable to say the least
Replay value is high initially
There are infinite options on how to play through this game
The customization on bases and cars is definitely a plus
Many weapons to choose from allowing you to play the way you want
The different leader types and personality traits give the game a nice layer of depth
Multiplayer gives incentive for helping your friends
Boons, these little bonuses from each play through with a different leader type make a huge difference.

Learning curve on the first play through is pretty steep if you haven’t played the previous games.
Mechanics are still a bit buggy.
Once you have done 3 or more playthroughs the game begins to feel too repetitive .
Not enough customization available for the guns.
Multiplayer initially was very hard to work through all the bugs, but has since been patched.
Patches are HUGE, 5-19Gb