Minecraft Dungeons – Review

My Rating (ThePendrag0n): 6/10
Release Date: 26 May 2020
Price: $19.99 (or $29.99 for the Hero Pack and 2 upcoming DLC)
ESRB Rating: E
Developer: Mojang Studios and Double Eleven
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Official Website: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/about-dungeons/
Genres: Hack’n’Slash/Dungeon Crawler
Platforms: Switch/PlayStation/Xbox/PC
An isometric action-RPG set in Minecraft’s world, built by Mojang using Unreal Engine 4. It’s partly inspired by Diablo 3 and other “classic dungeon crawlers,” and has a heavy emphasis on loot and combat. You’ll explore procedurally generated branching levels with up to three friends, smacking mobs, solving simple puzzles (think buttons and levers), and gearing up your characters. You’ll fight above and below ground across multiple biomes.

NOTE: If you are looking for building/crafting/etc. – don’t look here…

1) Fairly standard, minor RPG fair. Level up equipment/weapons using enchantment points. Gain/find “artifacts” that can supply “followers” (wolf, llama, golem)
2) Lives up to the hack’n’slash/dungeon crawler moniker – think “Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance” with a Minecraft “skin” on it.
3) Controls are straight forward and easy to learn.
4) Three levels of difficulty (2 start off locked and are unlocked as you defeat each level of difficulty)
5) Secret “missions” – There are at least 2 “secret missions” that are known – I will post links to info on those in the comments.

1) Story line is SLIM.
2) Game play is simplistic (at least to start – hopefully it will feel “deeper” with more DLC)
3) Not mod-able at this time

Hopefully this is “just the start” for this game – and it will continue to evolve and become a bit “deeper” in story line and content.

The Secret Missions:
The Creepy Crypt Secret Mission
The Secret Cow Level