Gloria Victis – Review

My Rating (TheVicious0ne):
Release Date: This game is in pre-alpha release
Price: 19.99
ESRB Rating: Not Yet Rated but will likely be M
Official Website:
Genres: Action, MMORPG
Platforms: PC
A medieval MMORPG where Mount & Blade meets Planetside 2! Explore a breathtaking and atmospheric open world designed by lovers of the Witcher and Gothic series. Be part of a living society and become a soldier, knight, archer, assassin, swordmaster, berserker, huntsman, blacksmith, builder, merchant, farmer, healer, and more…the choice is yours!
1. Conquer land, siege non-instanced towns and castles and build advantageous fortifications in the everlasting conflict of the realms. Fight for glory in one of three nations or claim a castle for your guild and rule your lands!
2. Deep and immersive Crafting system with farming, harvesting, mining, and wood cutting, tailoring, leatherworking, cooking, alchemy, armor smithing, weapon smithing, and engineering.
3. Non-Target Combat & Epic PVP- Engage in action-based, non-target combat where your skills and tactics matter! Show your warrior spirit and earn fame as an undefeatable duelist, eagle-eyed archer, or respected commander inspiring your allies in battle. Compete for territory in the open world, and fight to the death in tournaments, castle sieges, and epic wars where entire armies collide!
4. The Developers take pride in the fact that almost all of their content based, quality of life, and balance based updates are based on user feedback.
5. The community- The gamers who play this game have a lot of time and vested interest in helping new players and in working together to make this game as positive as possible.
1. Controls can feel clunky at times, especially when using siege equipment
2. There is a distinct lack of a tutorial system at this time that makes you rely heavy on the community to learn how to play
3. Lack of servers currently. There are currently only 5 servers, based on what continent you live on. This will cause you to not be able to play on a server with a decent ping if there is a big event going on while you are trying to log in.