Subnautica – Review

My Rating: 6/10

Release Date: 23 October 2018

Price: 59.99+

ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)



Official Website:

Genres: Open World, Survival, Adventure, First Person

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac

Modes: Single Player

Subnautica takes place in the late 22nd century, when humanity begins to colonize other star systems. A deep-space vessel constructed by the trans-gov Alterra, known as the Aurora, has been sent to a system at the outer reaches of known space on its maiden voyage. Its goals are to build a section of high-speed space travel infrastructure known as a Phasegate, and to search for a lost ship, called the Degasi, which crashed on planet 4546B many years ago. After the Aurora enters its orbit, it is physically waylaid by a mysterious force and crash-lands on the planet. Several crew members climb into lifepods and jettison from the Aurora during the descent, one of whom is the player character.

1. Once you learn the controls – the game play is fairly smooth
2. Great “time killer” – or as a “break” between other games
3. While it has a “story line” – it is not “story locked”

1: Is very “grindy” (Hunt Resources/Blueprints, build the thing, rinse, repeat)
2: No Tutorial of ANY kind (I had to go hunt down a YouTube tutorial to just get the basics)
3: Controls are not intuitive – though they are re-configurable
4: If you are not EXTREMELY careful – you die in the first few seconds of the game and then continue to die on every respawn – which forces you just to start over.
5: A very “slow moving” game

NOTES: I HIGHLY recommend “FREEDOM” mode for your first venture into this game – so you can “learn the ropes” and controls – BEFORE you have to worry about starving to death or dehydrating!

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