Octopath Traveler – Review

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Octopath Traveler
Our Rating: 9/10 (*********-)
Price: $59.99
ESRB Rating: Teen
Developer: Square Enix, Acquire
Publisher: Nintendo
Official Website: http://octopathtraveler.nintendo.com
Genres: RPG
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Octopath Traveler is an RPG where you take control of eight travelers, each with their own story and unique set of skills.
* Beautiful blend of old (classic 16 bit) and new HD graphics
* Outstanding music that brings life to each environment
* 8 truly unique characters that all seem to feel equally powerful
* Innovative battle system that actually makes turn-based fighting feel new
* Solid game length for the price at about 30 hrs to run though the main story lines
* Large map where you can actually go in any direction right from the start
* Menus are very easy to navigate
* Not all that challenging ( zero deaths at over 10 hrs)
* Naps are pretty linear without a real sense of exploration
* It’s another Japanese style RPG – I don’t believe this will change your mind if this isn’t your style of game
Game-play Features:
* Pick any one of the characters to begin their story and build your party in any order you wish.
* Each traveler has their own strengths and weaknesses that will be useful against the huge variety of enemies.
* Your party will consist of only 4 of the travelers at a time – but you can switch them up at any of the towns.
* Eight stories that each provide a backstory and motivation for each traveler
* Octopath Traveler truly allows you to play in any way and in any direction you choose.
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