State of Decay 2 – Review

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Standard Edition: $30 or Free with Xbox GamePass
Ultimate Edition: $60

Rating: Rated “M” (Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Strong Language.)

Very solid survival feel with the potential to be great
Graphics for this game are fantastic
Price is affordable to say the least
Replay value is high initially
There are infinite options on how to play through this game
The customization on bases and cars is definitely a plus
Many weapons to choose from allowing you to play the way you want
The different leader types and personality traits give the game a nice layer of depth
Multiplayer gives incentive for helping your friends
Boons, these little bonuses from each play through with a different leader type make a huge difference.

Learning curve on the first play through is pretty steep if you haven’t played the previous games.
Mechanics are still a bit buggy.
Once you have done 3 or more playthroughs the game begins to feel too repetitive .
Not enough customization available for the guns.
Multiplayer initially was very hard to work through all the bugs, but has since been patched.
Patches are HUGE, 5-19Gb


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